Azazie Alexandra Evening Dress

FABRIC: Satin and Matte Satin


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Alexandra is a stunning knee-length A-line cut dress. This dress features a v neckline and is completely made of matte satin. Available in full size range (A0-A30) and custom sizing. 
Torri Anne Hobbs
Reviewed On: 2018-07-15 06:47:19

Slightly Large
Disappointed in the dress. The actually dress color is no where no the color in the picture. Having to find somewhere else to get my bridesmaid dresses. It took forever to get here too!
Tess McWhorter
Reviewed On: 2017-10-14 23:46:57

Color: Black
I picked this dress for my bridesmaids and it was beautiful. The only negative thing I'd have to say about it is that my girls were complaining about the dress being corset like and having troubles breathing.
Reviewed On: 2015-10-28 19:12:23

This company is amazing - their customer service is top knotch, and the quality of their dresses is phenomenal. I couldn't be happier with my selection - the fabric is luxurious, the cut was flattering and the workmanship was leaps and bounds ahead of almost any other bridesmaid dress manufacturer I've come across. Buying this type of a dress online can be scary, but use their trial option and just go for it. I promise it will be worth it (especially if you're considering David's Bridal - go with Azazie instead!)
Reviewed On: 2015-10-05 05:12:00

Bridesmaid dress is in!!!! and it's super cute and fits like a glove!!! Now Jaime's wedding can begin!!!
Reviewed On: 2015-09-23 20:03:56

The best part was that each person could find the style that suited her, but the colors were a match! The price was great and I did not have to suffer through another wedding with an awkward bridesmaid dress. Haha
Christine Lawrence
Reviewed On: 2015-09-23 01:51:18

Loved my bridesmaids dress!!
Elizabeth M. Parker
Reviewed On: 2015-08-08 12:27:14

Color: Daffodil
Made my bridesmaids look perfect! Thanks for all your hard work!
Reviewed On: 2015-07-13 11:09:54

Loved the dark green
Reviewed On: 2018-09-16 18:25:54

the skirt is extremely poofy. I wouldn't recommend this item
Reviewed On: 2018-05-15 17:08:28

Body Type: Straight
Too small but was only size available. Nice fabric
Reviewed On: 2018-04-13 06:37:23

Color: Dark Green
Size Ordered: Custom Size
My bridesmaids' dresses arrive ahead of schedule and I love them. Unfortunately, the girls live out of province so they have not been able to try them on. I am confident they will look great, however, as we had free custom sizing. I will add photos from the wedding as soon as I have them!
Reviewed On: 2018-04-13 06:37:22

Color: Dark Green
Body Type: Hourglass
Size Ordered: Custom Size
My bridesmaids' dresses arrive ahead of schedule and I love them. Unfortunately, the girls live out of province so they have not been able to try them on. I am confident they will look great, however, as we had free custom sizing. I will add photos from the wedding as soon as I have them!
Reviewed On: 2017-12-19 13:17:16

I ordered this dress to try on as my potential wedding dress in Ivory. Although I didn't select this style for my big day, it is a beautiful dress! The try at home process was simple and easy, and the dress itself seemed to be of great quality. The sizing of the dress was spot on and in line with my typical street clothing size too, which was nice as most formal dresses tend to run small.
Reviewed On: 2017-12-18 15:05:01

This dress was gorgeous! The ordering process was easy and seamless, from the offered try-at-home service to the final dress purchase, and the dress arrived exactly within the projected delivery time given by Azazie. Each bridesmaid in the wedding party ordered her dress individually to be shipped to 4 different states and every one of us had the same seamless purchase and delivery experience. The best part about this dress was that it flattered all 4 of our different body types and looked great on all of us. Would definitely recommend this dress (and especially this website) for any wedding party. I'll definitely be looking at Azazie for my future formal wear needs - I would even wear this dress again as a regular special occasion dress. I really cannot say enough about this website and this dress.
Reviewed On: 2017-11-13 09:40:42

So glad I was able to see how the color looked on me. It was a lot of gold satin. Too much. Will be ordering a different material.
Reviewed On: 2017-08-24 13:18:48

Color: Dark Navy
Sizing is not accurate. I returned the dress.
Reviewed On: 2017-08-24 13:18:30

Color: Dark Navy
Sizing is way off. Being a size 10, the 14 wouldn't zip up. I'm a 36C, 30 waist, 5'5. I returned the dress.
Faith Denton
Reviewed On: 2017-08-21 05:47:45

Color: Grape
It was awful, way too much material. Didn't fit at all and put in my measurements, I have to take it in and get it altered so much, it might as well be a new dress. $140 worth of alterations and the dress was on $99.
Reviewed On: 2017-04-13 09:27:04

First of all, I experienced fantastic customer service with Adrean and the whole Azazie crew, since I live abroad which made some aspects complicated, but they always made me feel like I was in great hands. About this dress: This is a beautifully made dress, with high quality materials and craftsmanship. I am a bridesmaid and we are all wearing gold satin in different styles. (Heads up, brides: gold is not the most flattering color on pale white girls.) In terms of measurements and fit, I'm 5'4" with a 34 bust, 28.5 waist, and 38.5 hips. This dress is snug around my rib cage but large around my bust - I'm a D cup and I would probably need double Ds to fill this thing out. Then, the bottom fans out quite a bit! It's not super long - solidly knee length, but there is a lot of material hanging down. It'll make it more comfortable than a very tight dress for dancing, but it feels like a bit much, at least for my taste. Definitely go for Azazie - really terrific customer service, lots of selection - but just know the way the dress is made and consider your own figure when selecting it!
Reviewed On: 2017-04-01 12:04:41

Color: Black
I had to send this dress back because the size was too big. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't just exchange the dress for a different size. I still need the dress for an upcoming wedding, so I had to return the dress, wait for my refund, and reorder a new size. Looking forward to getting the 2nd dress; hopefully the size will be better.
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