Azazie Leanna Evening Dress

FABRIC: Chiffon and Charmeuse


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Leanna is a floor-length A-line dress in an elegant chiffon and charmeuse. This bestseller features a deep v neckline. The detachable charmeuse sash can add a playful bow detail. Available in full size range (A0-A30) and custom sizing. 
Reviewed On: 2018-03-29 10:19:19

I ordered the sample dress in a blush and a different style (Ginger) in mint. Both are great dresses! The Leanna is much more flattering in person than online (look at photos of other gorgeous!). Leanna is a classic fit that doesn't look dated and the layers will hide lumpy undies! My bridesmaids, who have different body types, will be wearing Leanna in mint. FYI, my bridesmaids are the same size in Azazie as in another popular bridal store with initials of DB...
Reviewed On: 2018-03-27 05:22:53

Body Type: Straight
The dress was perfect! I ordered the sample to see the standard size would fit me length wise because I am almost 5'10" and the bride is requesting heels. I bought 3" heels and the length on the standard size 6 fit me perfectly with the heels included.
Reviewed On: 2018-03-16 16:53:42

Body Type: Hourglass
Slightly Large
Azazie is the BEST! I am getting married in Sept. and wanted to use them for my bridesmaids dresses, we ordered a few samples each and all got together for a try on party. The shipping time was exactly as expected, the quality of the dress was perfect. The color matched the swatches we previously ordered perfectly and the design was beautiful. All the girls involved in the bridal party loved each one of the styles we tried. The customer service is great as well, we contacted them to communicate about shipping all our samples to one address. We wanted to be sure we wouldn't have any issues and they were kind enough to make a note on each order that we placed so we wouldn't run into any complications. I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking for an alternate option for gown shopping!! I would also highly recommend this gown for anyone interested in this style, it's gorgeous!
Reviewed On: 2018-03-08 17:10:45

The bust seemed really large on me and all the layers felt very thick. I did not have this problem with the Evelyn which is the dress I eventually went with.
Reviewed On: 2018-01-22 08:25:38

Color: Burgundy
Body Type: Hourglass
Size Ordered: A16
Slightly Large
This dress is better than I ever expected. I was hesitant to order a dress online without trying it on first but it worked out! I ordered the dress based on the closest measurement to my bust size and ended up having to take the waist in and shorten it a bit. The material is very high quality and the color is beautiful.
Reviewed On: 2018-01-08 07:59:25

Color: Royal Blue
Body Type: Straight
Size Ordered: Custom size
Slightly Small
Love the dress! Everything about it, the cut, style, color. Was perfect! Got it custom fit, a little snug in the waistline, but definitely works for what I need and saved me a trip to the tailor!
Reviewed On: 2018-01-06 20:55:15

Color: Dusty Rose
Body Type: Hourglass
Size Ordered: A4
This is seriously beautiful! The dress is really long, I'm 5"9 and i would need to wear a little heel, but this is great as it's better too long than too short. The quality is immaculate, i seriously didn't expect it so good as the price is reasonable for a bridesmaid dress. I am the bride and I'm now looking for a bridesmaid to change with me lol. Thank you, I absolutely love my dresses
Emma Marie Thomas
Reviewed On: 2017-11-27 08:18:16

Color: Black
Shipping: I read reviews that said with rush shipping they got their dress in a week. It definitely took almost three weeks to get. If you need a dress fast, do NOT shop here. I was able to change my shipping address so it didn't arrive at an empty house, so that was okay. I emailed asking if I could cancel the order for store credit and never got a response. I'm okay with them emailing me and saying no, but I never got an email back. Quality: AWESOME! Very well made. I'm excited to order another dress for my friend's wedding. Size: I am 5'3" and about 120-125 pounds. I ordered an A6 but it was GIANT! Some parts of my body fit A6, some fit A4, and some fit A2 so I went with the largest just to be safe. Definitely ordering my next dress in an A4. Overall I give it a 3/5 because the dress is great quality and I think this site is great for a typical wedding when you have months to receive and alter a dress. Not a good site if you just want to buy a nice looking dress for a party.
Faith Ann Maroney
Reviewed On: 2017-11-05 21:30:32

Color: Burgundy
So flattering! The sizing was perfect and the color is gorgeous!
Madison L
Reviewed On: 2017-09-25 21:27:10

For a dress I ordered on the internet, I was so impressed! The ribbon in the back made it so that I could accentuate my waist to make it a perfect fit!
Reviewed On: 2017-09-24 22:28:05

The Leanna dress was absolutely perfect! I ordered my size and had to make a few adjustments as far as altering the length and bringing in the length of the straps but once it was altered it was so flattering! I had so many compliments on this dress and it just the right amount of classy, flirty, and sexy! Love! I definitely reccomend!
Reviewed On: 2017-09-20 21:08:07

Wore this dress for my dear friend's wedding back in 2016, and I adored it! Very flattering, and well made. I feel Azazie dresses run slightly large, however. I ordered a trial dress in sizes 6 and 8, because my measurements fell between those two according to the sizing chart, and both wound up being too big. The size 4 that I ultimately ordered in this dress fit perfectly! Didn't even have to hem it, with 3-inch heels. I am 5'9".
Reviewed On: 2017-09-20 15:36:11

I ordered this dress in mulberry during a sample sale! Even off the rack it was a great fit. I wore it to a Mardi Gras ball! I was very comfortable all night even after lots of dancing.
Reviewed On: 2017-09-17 13:19:19

I am very impressed, the gown was promised to be delivered between Oct. 10-17th. It arrived yesterday 9/16/17.
Reviewed On: 2017-08-21 08:05:36

Color: Grape
I ordered this using custom sizing, and it fits perfectly! It looks very pretty and elegant. Was received very quickly, way before the estimated time. I have a larger chest and I was worried this dress was going to be too low cut, and it's not at all! Very satisfied with my purchase.
Reviewed On: 2017-08-17 07:37:58

I did not realize this dress has a removable sash. Sashes and belts do not suit me well. I am a small busted 6' tall woman. This dress was very pretty but the back was not very interesting. As well, the soft pleating all around the waist added bulk to my middle. This dress would probably be more flattering on a larger busted woman with a tiny waist and hips.
Reviewed On: 2017-08-03 15:30:31

Waist was higher than I expected based on the picture, and the fabric gathered in the front wasn't flattering. I thought this would be my favorite of the samples I ordered, and it was surprisingly unflattering. I ended up going with the Julianna instead.
Reviewed On: 2017-08-01 12:17:57

So happy with this dress love he colour and the quality is so good
Reviewed On: 2017-07-31 15:42:20

Beautiful cut and fit well.
Reviewed On: 2017-07-29 08:13:13

I was very nervous about ordering a dress online for my best friends wedding. I ended up custom ordering mine so I (hopefully) wouldn't have to get it altered. I got it in the mail and it fits PERFECTLY! The best part is, I DONT HAVE TO WEAR A BRA! I wear a DD so if I don't have to wear a bra with a dress that's awesome!!! Thumbs up for this dress! The pictures are with and without the sash.
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